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Recently, Ed Beck, CIO of the National Restaurant Association and Jason Marceau, COO of Meridian Knowledge solutions spoke on the future of associations at the DigitalNow conference in Orlando, FL.

The presentation addressed learning technology and the increasing role it plays in association membership strategy – not just as a management tool, but as a way to deliver value and earn revenue. Looking to the future, the National Restaurant Association (NRA) wanted to reshape learning into an iterative and interactive experience for its members.

By implementing a learning management solution from Meridian, the NRA was able to effectively distribute the learning function to its extended membership and monetize the process.

To request a copy of the presentation, "The Future of Associations - National Restaurant Association, A Look Head", complete the brief form on this page. 

How can Meridian help your organization?

Member-based organizations and associations are seeing new opportunities when it comes to providing educational resources to their members and broader communities. With our flagship product, Meridian Global, we help organizations engage their extended communities in new ways that help increase revenue, extend advocacy efforts and build membership.

The Future of Associations


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